The Frequent Traveler Media Awards

The voice of expert media.

The voice of the media that follows the loyalty industry will for the first time be heard through the Frequent Traveler Media Awards.

A group of notable journalists will choose the winners of three Frequent Traveler Media Awards in each region.

The Media Awards Board Chair

Henry Harteveldt

Chair, Titan & Media Awards

Henry Harteveldt is one of the travel industry’s most well-known and respected industry analysts and advisors.

After nearly 12 years as Forrester Research’s travel industry analyst, Henry founded Atmosphere Research in September 2011 to provide objective and trustworthy research on emerging marketing, digital commerce, and distribution trends in the global travel industry. As an analyst, Henry has written more than 140 research reports on eCommerce, mobile, personalization, and other topics. Before becoming an analyst, Henry spent more than 15 years in marketing, planning, and distribution roles at top travel firms such as TWA, Continental Airlines, Fairmont Hotel Management Company, and GetThere.

Henry is regularly quoted in media such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA TODAY, and appears on CBS, CNBC, Bloomberg, and CNN. Henry lives in San Francisco and is a graduate of the Tulane University School of Business. He actively shares his industry perspectives on Twitter (@hharteveldt).

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