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The Frequent Traveler Awards

The Frequent Traveler (FT) Awards was established in 2010 to support a 2 year pause in service from the Freddie Awards.

The FT Awards return in 2018 and promises to be the culmination of the travel loyalty calendar, recognizing:

  • The teams that create, design, and manage these inspiring loyalty programs.
  • The companies that provide innovation, drive, and promotion behind the scenes.
  • The travelers who use the programs and whose voice the FT Awards represent.

The Frequent Traveler Awards is the only travel loyalty focused recognition event that:

  • Provides regional recognition and ceremonies (Europe/Africa/Americas, Middle East/Asia/Oceania in 2018; 3 events in 2019).
  • Recognizes programs from 3 core travel divisions (airline, hotel, and rental car).
  • Includes the Frequent Traveler Titan Award, a recognition of innovation in the loyalty industry voted for by the Loyalty Titan panel.
  • Includes the Frequent Traveler Media Awards, granted by a group of notable journalists.
  • Recognizes the leading programs as voted for by journalists, travel bloggers, and influencers in the community.
  • Is always placed in conjunction with industry events (to deliver education with recognition to participants).
  • Provides consistency in collateral, communication, and events throughout the year.

Who we are

Frequent Traveler Awards is a primary event of Frequent Traveler Events, LLC, the company that offers Frequent Traveler University (FTU), FTU Travel Expo and Loyalty Summit. We partner with MegaDo.

FT Events provides knowledge, recognition, and inspiring events to the loyalty industry.  We create hubs of knowledge through our pools of frequent travelers, program connections, supplier relationships, and our own consultative approach to better connect our industry.

The Frequent Traveler Awards

Frequent Traveler University


The Team

Hailing from Europe and North America, the Frequent Traveler Awards team is comprised of airline and hospitality industry experts, serial entrepreneurs, and passionate travelers, all with a mission to bring the first global loyalty awards representing the voice of the frequent traveler.

Tommy Danielsen

Founder & CEO

A former international telecommunications executive who used to live on the road, Tommy Danielsen turned into a serial entrepreneur in 2009 when he founded MegaDo and then a year later Frequent Traveler University.

After the Freddie Awards were discontinued, Tommy founded the Frequent Traveler Awards, eventually becoming President of the Freddies when the two companies merged. He is also the InsideFlyer co-founder and partner.

Tommy is originally from Norway and lives in California.

Patrick Le Quere

President & CIO

Patrick brings over 15 years of industry experience as a software engineering manager at Microsoft.

A dual French and US citizen and an avid traveler, Patrick has studied and lived both in Europe and in the US, and has explored all seven continents with a focus on the road less traveled. He is passionate about the airline industry and involved in several ventures including MegaDo — an annual field trip for road warriors and aviation enthusiasts — and is the founder of LoungeReview.com, a worldwide airport lounge guide.

Patrick lives in Seattle; his other interests include urban planning, public transit, classical music, modern history, and skiing.

Ben Ashwell

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Ben has 15 years of experience in consumer loyalty, from both a b2b and b2c perspective. He has designed and launched several new loyalty programs internationally, and revitalized and redesigned others across industry verticals like airline, hotel, financial services and credit cards, insurance, retail, automotive and health.

Ben has contributed content to articles, interviews and conferences on loyalty, travel and eCommerce, while leading product, sales and marketing organizations for different companies in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

Ben loves to travel and explore the world and appreciates the work that allows him to indulge this passion.

Henry Harteveldt

Chair, Titan & Media Awards

Henry Harteveldt is one of the travel industry’s most well-known and respected industry analysts and advisors.

After nearly 12 years as Forrester Research’s travel industry analyst, Henry founded Atmosphere Research in September 2011 to provide objective and trustworthy research on emerging marketing, digital commerce, and distribution trends in the global travel industry. As an analyst, Henry has written more than 140 research reports on eCommerce, mobile, personalization, and other topics. Before becoming an analyst, Henry spent more than 15 years in marketing, planning, and distribution roles at top travel firms such as TWA, Continental Airlines, Fairmont Hotel Management Company, and GetThere.

Henry is regularly quoted in media such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA TODAY, and appears on CBS, CNBC, Bloomberg, and CNN. Henry lives in San Francisco and is a graduate of the Tulane University School of Business. He actively shares his industry perspectives on Twitter (@hharteveldt).

Melinda Danielsen

Operations & Customer Service

Melinda is an ardent world explorer, logging more than 150,000 miles and 100 hotel nights a year. She has graced the pages of Conde Nast Traveler, is an author of the Magic of Miles blog, and is an organizer for MegaDo and FTU events.

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